Why Misfits is the Best Show You're Not Watching

If we can take one thing away from the London riots of this past year, it might be that young people in England are proper wankers. Now imagine the damage those little twats could have caused if they all had superpowers. It might look a bit like Misfits.

The hit British show follows five young delinquents placed on community service who gain superpowers in a freak storm. It sounds like a rip-off of the super-cheesy (and super-canceled) Heroes, but it's not. It's much better, mate.

The show's slang alone is entertaining, with loads of foreign words like

"chav," "ASBO," and "Pick n' Mix." These kids are wicked vulgar and it makes for hilarious dialogue.

Rudy, played by actor Joseph Gilgun, is especially wild, sex-obsessed, and

quick with insults.

Misfits is funny, but it is also dark and heavy on science-fiction

premises. Time travel and alternative timelines are recurring themes,

along with an ever-expanding collection of superpowers.

In season three, the gang fights Hitler and the Nazis. We are also

introduced to a super-powered, sexually transmitted disease that leads to

a character's manhood falling off. One episode even features zombie

cheerleaders. But though the premises can be ridiculous, the writing and acting is serious, and each scene is beautifully shot.

Along with its steady ratings on the British network E4, Misfits is also

critically acclaimed. It was awarded best drama series by the British

Academy of Film and Television Arts in 2010. Lauren Socha was awarded

best supporting actress for her portrayal of Kelly, the tough girl with

the Derby accent.

The show has done well enough to merit a possible remake in the states.

Josh Schwartz, the writer and producer behind The O.C. and Gossip Girl,

is now writing the pilot for the U.S. version along with show creator

Howard Overman. Before they destroy it by filtering it for an American network, you

might want to catch the U.K. original on Hulu. Seasons one and two are

available now and episode one season three premieres in America today on

the free online streaming service Hulu.com.

Watch it, bruv.

--Andres David Castellanos

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