Why It's Great to Be Gay on National Coming Out Day

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It's National Coming Out Day! And with all the recent sad news about gay teens being bullied into suicide, we wanted to remind one and all why it's great to be gay. Why? Because the last thing this world needs is less gay people. Yes, teen pricks are terrorizing young LBGT, but don't let this overshadow other good news and progress on the gay front. From ABC kisses to a protective Anderson Cooper, here are eight reasons why it's great to be gay, especially when it comes to pop culture.

1. Gay, affectionate couples are all over sitcom TV:
  Many wondered why the kiss on ABC's Modern Family was such a big deal. Well, let us tell you why. There have been very few gay couples on television, let alone on one of TV's greatest programs. So when they weren't showing their love for each other like all the other married couples on the show, we all kind of wondered.... what's up fellas? Well, the day finally came, they smooched, and it was adorable. The more man-on-man love the better, we always say.

2. The A-List:New York on the LoGo Channel: This show looks insane--actually, full-blown gay insanity is more like it. Is it probably going to be super pretentious? Yeah, but who cares when the guys are hot. Really hot is more like it - and no matter if you're into bears, twinks, or daddies, they have it all for you. And for any gay that loves the Real Housewives of Anywhere, this show is pretty much the same thing, but with dudes, a lot more use of the words "honey" and "grllll," and much, much bitchier.  

3. Elaine Lancaster will rep on Real Housewives of Miami: So, if  A-List:New York is just too much for you and you truly enjoy watching The Real Housewives franchise, then you're in luck. Not only is Miami getting their own Housewives, but drag queen Elaine Lancaster is going to be part of the cast. OK, first off, how great and kind of ground breaking is that? And the fact that it's one of our very own in our very own city. Well to Miss Elaine, all we have to say is, girl--you better work!

4. Florida can no longer stop you from adopting: Last month a Florida appeals court struck down a state law barring gay couples from adopting on the basis of equal protection under law. All we have to say about this is, yeahhhhhh! 

5. You're just like royalty:  We hate (and we mean love) to

follow the tabloids, 'cause let's be honest: It's a lot of bullshit. The Globe now says Prince Charles is gay. But even if it isn't true, just the thought is pretty great, right? I mean,

we already have royalty (Gaga, Ru Paul, etc.) but adding Prince Charles

to list would be amazing. Just imagine him ordering a martini at Score or Twist

trolling for guys. It's almost too much to handle.

6. There are a lot of great members on Team Gay: Neil Patrick Harris, Ellen DeGeneres (and Portia), Brad Goreski from The Rachel Zoe Project (Rachel is pretty much a gay man too), the entire Bravo Network, Marc Jacobs, the best characters on Glee (Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch,)  Ricky Martin, Nate Berkus, Lance Bass, and Clay Aiken. (OK, maybe not that one.)


7. Straight people continue to be bat-shit crazy: There's too much insanity to list here, but remember Sister Wives on TLC, the Balloon Boy's parents, everything about Courtney Love, Michael Lohan and his crazy balls, God Warrior from Trading Spouses, etc.? Yet, these crazed mofos are afforded complete rights including the right to marry and procreate. WTF?

8. Anderson Cooper has got your back:

Just in case you have been busy and haven't heard the name Andrew

Shrivell, let us catch you up.  He's Michigan's assistant attorney

general who harassed the University of Michigan's openly gay student

body president Chris Armstrong by not only starting a blog to call him a

"a radical homosexual activist, racist, elitist and liar," but also

stalked him outside of his classes and his own home. Well, Mr. Shrivell

decided to go on AC 360 to explain himself and let's just say it

didn't go well for him. So to Anderson Cooper: Hey you sexy silver fox,

thanks for saying everything we couldn't.

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