Why Grimm Is the Most Exciting New Show on Network TV

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If you are one of the millions of primetime TV viewers every night, chances are you've heard of NBC's new fantasy/cop-drama, Grimm.  Airing Friday nights at 9/8 Central on NBC, and premiering just days before Halloween, Grimm has already shown promise as a fan favorite for the Fall season. So what makes it stand apart from the droves of new shows currently blasting into your eye sockets?

5. The Premise

Okay, yes it's another cop drama, but it's more than that. Grimm centers

on Nick Burkhardt (played by David Guintoli), an overeager cop who

finds out he is a direct descendent of the fairy-tale weaving Brothers

Grimm bloodline. Weirdness ensues as he befriends a reformed werewolf,

or Blutbaden, and he begins to unravel the burden of his heritage.  As

you may have guessed Grimm weaves classic Brothers Grimm fairytales into

the storyline, but re-imagines them while staying true to their dark

roots. Sure there are other TV shows that utilize fantasy or fairy-tales

in their story line, but none have the hard edge that Grimm boasts. There are beasts aplenty in the two episodes thus far, and judging from

the creepy pseudo-hallucinations Nick has in the pilot, the best is yet

to come.

4. The Production Design

Grimm's production design team really has a handle on creating a

fantastical but believable world where fairytale creatures actually

exist. The choice to film in Portland, Oregon was a smart one seeing as

the Twilight films also brought mythical beasts to life in their dark

forests. The show creates a menacing atmosphere with carefully designed

eye candy that sets the perfect mood.  Everything from the leather

jackets Nick and his partner Hank Griffin, played by Russell Hornsby,

wear to the decision to use the Eurhythmic's "Sweet Dreams" make this

show both hip and edgy.  

3. The Mystery

What's a good story without a little mystery?  There's plenty to go

around as more questions arise for the characters and the viewers. 

What's with Aunt Marie's trailer?  What does that key she gave him

open?  Where are the other Grimms?  Who killed Nick's parents?  All

these questions will keep viewers guessing and coming back for more


2. The Potential for Cult Status

While the horror and fantasy genres haven't always been the most

popular, their fans are often the most die-hard. The writers of these

shows seem to know this and have a formula for making them work even in

relative obscurity.  While Grimm has the advantage of airing on a major

network, it doesn't hurt to have the writers of such cult favorites as

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf,

penning episodes and producing. Add to that a relatively unknown cast

ripe with potential and Grimm is well on its way to at least becoming a

cult hit.

1. The Numbers

As they say, the numbers have it or rather the Nielsen ratings have it. In its second week, Grimm dominated its time slot over 20/20 (ABC),

CSI: NY (CBS), Fringe (FOX), and Supernatural (CW) and increased NBC's

viewership by 38% in the target 18-49 market compared to last season. 

That's reason to celebrate considering NBC has fallen behind the other

Big 5 networks. Garnering 6.5 million viewers during the series premiere

and 6 million the following week, Grimm is keeping its viewers

interested and is off to a solid start.  Only time will tell how it

fares, but for now NBC should count its blessings that its creepiest new

show is also its biggest hit.

--Liana Minassian

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.