Who Wants Free Tickets to Buried Alive?

Did you hear the one about the Chilean miners? Yeah, they hadn't found that many miners in one place since raiding R. Kelly's house. Of course, we're only allowed to joke about being trapped in the earth now that all the victims are safely above ground (and in trouble with their wives/mistresses). If they were still a half mile down under, an event named Buried Alive might inspire screams of "Too soon!" as well.

So, yeah, we have four free tickets to Buried Alive, a Halloween amusement park popping up on the event field next to the Miami Seaquarium next Friday. For some, the idea of the Gravitron and Screamin' Swing are scary enough. This offer is for those sick bastards who like their terror more blood-soaked and haunted.

To win Buried Alive tickets, email [email protected] with your name, number, and email

address and we'll pick the winner on Monday morning. The four tickets

are only valid for October 22- 24 and on October 28. Winners must pick

up the tickets at the New Times office during business hours. G'luck!

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Amanda McCorquodale