Who Needs Snow?

“Circuit parties” are the Mardi Gras of the gay world, where hordes of revelers party for days on end. Miami, always happy to host a party, is the home of several of the largest circuit parties of the year, and there's a doozy starting tonight -- the Winter Party, which is a fundraiser for the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force. Thousands attend, flying in from all over the country to bask in our warm winter breezes. Not gay? Doesn't matter much, as long as you don't mind being stared at by 10,000 shaved nipples pointing out from the legions of gay men who, of course, prefer to dance shirtless.

These parties can be a touch intimidating, with all of those judgmental gays comparing who spends more time in the gym. But this is such a big week there’s something for everyone. Tonight from 7 to 9 is the kick-off party at the Surfcomber Hotel's pool, where honchos from all the big Miami LGBT organizations have been invited to hang out. About those people who run LGBT groups: They want to get laid just like everyone else. So you're bound to get lucky no matter what you're into. For tickets and info, visit www.winterparty.org or go to the welcome center at the Surfcomber Hotel.
Wed., Feb. 27, 2008
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Dan Renzi
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