Who Needs a Coach Anyway?

Just when we think the Miami Heat’s season can’t get any worse, the AP reports Pat Riley might miss a game or two so he can scout during the NCAA Tournament. That makes perfect sense! The team is obviously being coached very well right now, so there’s no need for Riley to be taking up valuable space on the court.

As if to prove that point, the following night the well-oiled machine that Riley drives lost by a mere 35 points to the Wizards. Less than 24 hours later, obviously bored with only losing one game a night, Coach and company figured out a way to drop two in one sitting to the Hawks, thanks to replaying the final 51.9 seconds of their previous game. Tonight the Washington Wizards return to the American Airlines Arena to rub some salt into our wounds and bring us one step closer to the NBA lottery. Tickets start at $10.
Fri., March 21, 2008
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Brett Gillin