Whip It, Derby Style

When you see the roster for the Broward-based Gold Coast Derby Grrls, know that Zombitch, Shreddie Mercury, Sookie Skankhouse, and Freak-A-Rella shed plenty of blood and tears for their kick-ass names. They risked dislocated jaws, shattered clavicles, and torn ACLs -- all common injuries in this riot grrl sport of fast skating and body blocking. For those who like to watch fierce women elbow each other, the GCDG have a match in Miami on June 4. For those who like to do the elbowing themselves, there's a new Miami roller derby league and the open house is this weekend. The proposed league is called Miami's Vice City Rollers and there's currently one team, Maidens of Mayhem Derby Rollers, with about dozen 305 ladies signed up. Organizers are holding an Open House and Meet & Greet this Saturday in the hopes of signing on more players and organizing three more teams (and hence, more opponents). The Vice City Rollers already have an experienced coach, a skilled trainer, and two practice spaces. Roller derby girls should expect a commitment of a couple practices a week and once the team is up and jamming, there'll be some travel to play nearby teams. Lex advises that although the teams will use quad skates, in-line skates are totally fine for Saturday's open house. Lex stresses that all skill levels are welcomed as the trainer can teach non-skaters the very basics. Both genders are invited as well -- the league may be all-female, but men are welcomed to serve as referees.
Sat., May 28, 5 p.m., 2011
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Amanda McCorquodale