Where the Boys Are

Ah, circuit parties. Those bacchanalian gatherings where thousands of gay men converge, (allegedly) partake in recreational narcotics, and dance shirtless for hours on end. They were all the rage in the Nineties, fueled by an influx of cheap, readily available party drugs. Sadly their origins were also their downfall; inconvenient instances of people overdosing and dropping dead and the ensuing public scrutiny caused many of the parties to shut down.

Then there is the White Party in Miami. A major source of fundraising for CareResource, the largest HIV/AIDS care center in South Florida, the White Party has survived the test of time by offering several days and nights of high-class shows, celebrities, and all-around glamour, including the title event at the gorgeous Vizcaya estate. The fun will kick off tonight as the gay men head over to INK Nightclub for the Victory Party, with DJ Pride, while the lesbians partake in “tongue-pleasing cocktails” at Touch (910 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach) for the venue’s Ladies' Night. There's also a leather party at Steel in Fort Lauderdale, but leather parties take place there all the time anyway. Keep in mind this is just the first day; the festivities continue until November 26 and fan out all over Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Go to www.whiteparty.org for a complete lineup and ticket prices. Please be safe -- don't mix your party favors.
Nov. 21-26, 2007

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