Where Are All The Famous Celebrity Photogapher Phenom-type People?

Riptide kind of has a love/hate thing with the idea of blog based point and click photographers achieving notoriety. On one hand the whole phenomenon is just kind of shallow and vein, on the other, well, we love to look at oddly dressed people doing oddly drunk thing. Plus the psuedo-industry they've carved out, day after online party pix and street style shots, is undoubtedly here to stay.

Usually the four kings -- the ridiculously refined Sartorialist, the adorably French Face Hunter, Cobra Snake (who I thought was a douche, until I interviewed him once, and he's actually quite nice), and the OG Last Night's Party -- of this hallowed field make their way down to Miami for Art Basel. Maybe its a sign that a little bit of the buzz around Basel is fading as the years go by that only one made the pilgramage this year, LNP's Bronques, and he's always here. But hey look! Boobies! [nsfw, duh] Maybe the rest got stuck at Liz Lemon's High School reunion.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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