What Would Jews Do?

Ole J.C. might have a conniption if he were to see what’s become of his birthday. It’s hard to say which of the mortal sins — greed or gluttony — is more rampant over the Christmas holiday. Commercialism, debauchery, and overall excess is the new Holy Trinity. But leave it to Jesus’s old tribe to try and get it right this Christmas. The Jewish Federation of Greater Miami-Dade hosts its third annual Jewish Community Volunteer Day, this year celebrated on Friday. While some cheerless gentiles quietly complain about not getting their fill of ham and Xboxes, volunteers will comfort the sick and lonely, prepare meals for the less fortunate, and beautify the community. As if that’s not enough, the federation will host book, blood, and bone marrow drives at the Greater Miami Jewish Federation’s main office. “It’s a great way to encourage volunteering on a day so many of us have off,” says Lori Drutz, Jewish Volunteer Center director. She says the center expects 400 to 500 volunteers judging by last year’s success. A rabbi will frame the day in a Jewish context at 8 a.m. check-in. And if some of you non-Jews out there feel like giving rather than getting, you are invited to partake in the real holiday spirit as well. RSVP ahead of time to participate in specific events.
Fri., Dec. 24, 8 a.m., 2010
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Sebastian del Mármol