What to Expect From Basketball Wives 3 Reunion Beyond Verbal and Physical Violence

For any Basketball Wives fan out there, we think its safe to say that this

was the best season yet. With the addition of Meeka Claxton, the love of

Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada, and the general drama these ladies

bring, it has been a very entertaining nine weeks. And sadly, it will

all come to an end this Monday night with an exciting reunion.


Salley is back in action as host. And while nothing will ever compare to

the season one reunion, (in which Suzie Ketchum threw a bucket of water on

a castmate), this episode won't disappoint either. In fact,

here's what we are expecting.

Tami Roman vs. Meeka Claxton Part Two: Is it just us or was it pure entertainment to watch Tami hit Meeka in the face during their trip to Italy? Not that we approve of violence. But we will never break up a girl fight mainly because they bring us joy. And the fact that these two haven't seen each other since Meeka left their vacation a few days early and she is now suing Tami for assault, there is no doubt in our mind this is going to get good. Perhaps another physical brawl? Maybe Meeka took some self defense classes in preparation?

Jennifer Williams vs. Eric Williams: Speaking of wars, let us remind you that in the season finale, Eric, Jennifer' WIlliams's soon-to-be ex husband, decided to pour his drink onto Jennifer's face. Producers stopped her from following him, but we can't imagine she is going to stay quite on this issue. Can anyone tell us why this man and his larger than life teeth are still on the show? Fingers crossed they bring him on stage in a really Jerry Springer-esque dramatic way.

Evelyn Lozada Is Pregnant: Ok, before we start a rumor, as far as we know Evelyn isn't pregnant. But we all watched she and her fiancé, NFLer Chad Ochocino, go to the fertility clinic to ensure they have twins. Let us note: They aren't married yet.. And from our chat with her a few weeks ago, they have been together a little over a year. Rushing things is always a good idea from what we hear. So yes, we just think it would be funny if she walked out in her $3,000 Herve Leger dress with a baby bump.

Shaunie O'Neal Returns: Ok, where has Shaunie been this season? Other than her cameos on the ladies vacation, she has been truly MIA in the MIA. We saw her last week starting a shoe line with Chinese Laundry, but that clip was about 30 seconds or less. All together now: Donde esta Shaunie?

Royce Reed Becomes A Mother F***ing Factor: In the words of Evelyn, for the first time ever in Basketball Wives history, Royce has become a non-mother f***ing factor.  We loved when she and Evelyn got into a fight at a Midtown Miami restaurant. But other than, she has almost non-existent. Thanks to Meeka, she has gone from the most hated woman on the show,to barely a supporting role.  And if she pulls out any of the stops she pulled on the season two reunion, we mean going from glam to ghetto in a matter of seconds, we think she is going to do whatever it takes to have her voice heard.

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