​This weekend, the strangest, richest, and phoniest folks will be sashaying out of the woodwork to catch a glimpse of 2012 swimwear collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. 

What to Expect at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Besides Copious Nipples

No matter what the fashion bloggers tell you, when it comes to style, Miami is no Milan. But, let's give us at least one point for trying. Collect one, Miami! We've got a somewhat notable budding group of locals making wearable designs, and a few big names like Norma Kamali showing sexy suits this weekend on where else, but South Beach. We thought we'd give you a heads up on what to expect from swim week. 

Seasonably inappropriate clothing

For some reason, fashionistas seem to think that dressing to impress also means wearing too much clothing. This happens frequently in steamy Miami where less items should be worn no matter how huge your ass is. Outside, it's often warmer than the hottest corner of hell. Listen ladies, mink stoles and asymmetrical sweaters belong in the closet when it's 95 degrees outside.

An impatient, unfriendly audience 
The shows always start late. Expect to be surrounded by antsy folks who think they're something special. Oh, and don't go alone, because no one will talk to you. They're not sure if your socks are last season Target or hand-me-downs from your older sister. 

The fashion show audience is always wearing heels. You might even catch some old crazy drunk bitch stumbling through the sand in her heels and realize that it is possibly the stupidest thing you will ever witness. Sandals, ladies, sandals. 

Plastic surgery
There are always cat ladies at shows. Not the ones who hole up with lots of felines, but the ones who look like they live with Siegfried and Roy. The lion look has happened to many people who got plastic surgery in the '80s. Sucks.

These are picture takers of the overly aggressive sort who lack any sort of fashion sense. You'll be able to easily spot the photogs. They're the middle aged men chatting up models and talking about their cameras. 

Strange swag bags
You might find stockings in your Swim Week swag bag. Stockings say nothing about bikinis. They don't make sense. One event yielded Havaianas, which make more sense except that they were splashed with the words Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on them.  Wearable at home only. 


Alert! Teenaged boys, the best time to catch a peek of a nipple would be at swim week. Some of the bikinis are teeny weeny, and so you can expect a Janet Jackson moment or two. 

Happy swimwear watching! 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.