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What to Check Out at Magic City Comic Con 2015

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If you think comic conventions are solely for people into comics, then you're sorely mistaken. In fact, one of the biggest draws lately seems to be all those television stars we so love to hang out with, even if it's just for a few seconds and to snap a wacky picture. But there's a lot for everybody to enjoy at these multi-day events, and Magic City Comic Con is no exception. Taking place over the weekend of Friday, January 16, through Sunday, January 18, the con looks to provide all sorts of entertainment at the Miami Airport Convention Center. We here at the New Times like to think of ourselves as into practically every form of media, so here is what's in store at Magic City Comic Con this year.

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The greatest draw of the weekend tends to be all of the guests that attend and rightfully so, especially considering the bunch coming this year.

When it comes to the most recognizable faces of film and television, you've got Karen Gillan (Selfie, Doctor Who, Oculus, Guardians of the Galaxy), Sean Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy - and more importantly Kirk from Gilmore Girls), Sibel Kekilli (Game of Thrones), and a massive collection of actors from Once Upon a Time (Robbie Kay, Lee Arenberg, Georgina Haig, Christie Laing, Sean Maguire), Pirates of the Caribbean (Kay, Arenberg, Martin Klebba, Kevin McNally), and Doctor Who (Colin Baker and Dan Starkey alongside Gillan and McNally). And that's not even the full-bunch, with more stars, show-runners, and voice actors from animated shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and a multitude of English language dubs of anime, will be showing up as well. Most of 'em offer all sorts of autographs and professional photo-shoots for a price, but some are happy to take a picture with big fans at their respective booths.

And then there's comics that also boasts a lot of cool names. We could go on a massive name-listing spree like above, but instead we'll just name some of the guests we're most excited about. When it comes to writers, Charles Soule (She-Hulk, Inhuman, Red Lanterns, Swamp Thing, Superman/Wonder Woman), Dan Slott (The Amazing Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man, She-Hulk), and Tim Seeley (Revival, Grayson) that get us excited. And as for the artists, it's impossible to not want to get some issues signed by the likes of Jenny Frison (Revival), Ryan Stegman (The Superior Spider-Man, Inhuman), and Trevor McCarthy (Batwoman), among plenty of others.

And don't forget all the attractive as hell cosplayers in tight pants - like some Captain America men we've seen in years past - more than happy to take pictures with the casually dressed individuals walking around. Maybe we won't need a hero anymore after the weekend.


But one of the coolest parts of having so many guests around are the panels that they all attend. Whether it's a Q&A or a discussion about working in the industry (be it comics or film), it's always cool to hear about this stuff and get to lob questions at artists in a pretty open forum. And there's typically stuff for everyone, with comic book panels (some DC, some Marvel, some indie, some roundtables), animated show Q&As (Superjail!, Adventure Time, Attack on Titan), live-action shows (Once Upon a Time), and all the solo Q&A sessions you can imagine. They're all spread throughout the weekend pretty evenly so it's well-worth checking out at least a couple.

The Sales!

The most important event for collectors, or people looking to shed some cash, are the sales that every shop and solo seller who shows up offers. There are comic books, movies, pictures, whatever you want to buy. If anything, the coolest thing tends to be all the independent sellers who are pitching their own work - especially the stuff that doesn't typically get seen in comic book stores - and the artists who are offering commissions to those who walk around. Heck, some writers who visit even offer scripts of theirs for the comics they write, which only makes the prospect all the more exciting. So whether you need it for autographs, photoshoots, or purchases, stop by the bank before heading over; it's gonna be a cash-spending spree if you're looking forward to things as much as we are.

Everything Else!

From cosplayers and film fests to video game competitions and booths, there's plenty more to do as long as you're willing to stick around and explore a little at the convention center. Much like every other con, there's an abundance of activities to discover and it'd be a shame to limit yourself to just what we've listed above. So check it out!

Tickets for the Magic City Comic Con start at $30 and are available online at magiccitycomiccon.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.