What People Do for Munny

Back in the day, you collected Barbies and G.I. Joes, My Little Pony and Transformers. Now that you’re all grown up, the toys you once prized must be kept secure so their value doesn’t diminish. You don’t call them toys anymore, though; they’re collectibles. And they’ve become so much cooler. Some of the hottest action figures on the market now are the Munny dolls made by Japanese importer Kidrobot. These customizable figures come completely blank and ready for your interpretation. On the official website (www.kidrobot.com/munny), customers are encouraged to draw and paint on the dolls with “crayons, pencils, ketchup, or anything else you can think of.” Collectible toys you can actually play with? Sweet!

Some of the coolest Munny dolls have been customized by famous graffiti, graphic, and fine artists, with depictions ranging from cuddly-cute to intentionally terrifying. Tonight at Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts, you can check out “For the Love of Munny,” an exhibit featuring 42 creations by a dozen local artists, including Nina Ferre, Federico Nessi, Silvia Rivas, and Karina Wisniewska. And don’t miss the artist reception from 7:30 to 10 p.m.
Sat., Jan. 12, 2008
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Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik