Whacking Onstage

Many of you probably remember watching Gallagher smash things to bits on television in the ’80s. But his comedy isn’t for everyone — his recent humor sometimes borders on racist, homophobic, and cheap. Gems like “If Obama was really black, he’d act like a black guy and get a white wife” are to be expected. Considering his questionable choice of jokes, the whole watermelon-smashing bit might have been more than just silly fun. Should we give him a break, though? The man is old and set in his ways, just like a cranky grandparent. And who doesn’t love Grandpa? Maybe Grandma if they divorced due to Gramps’s philandering and/or alcohol problems. Whoa, that got dark. The simple fact is Gallagher is a pretty funny dude and an iconic stand-up comic. Waste no time, folks. Grab your raincoats, ponchos, or umbrellas, because if you’re daring enough to sit near the front row, you’ll be covered in crap. Perhaps not in the metaphorical sense either — the man might be in the mood to push the envelope. Catch Gallagher this Tuesday at the Seminole Casino Hollywood. The definition of a good night is an evening teeming with jokes, alcohol, and egregious gambling. That’s a good one-fourth of the American dream right there. Tickets include a poncho and goggles.
Tue., June 21, 8 p.m., 2011
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