We're Pirates, Mon!

Arrr! Avast, ye mateys! Buccaneers will gather tonight to pillage and plunder in the Cultural Plaza of the Historical Museum of Southern Florida for a Pirate’s Fiesta. The museum, you see, hopes to raise doubloons for its “Port Royal, Jamaica” exhibit scheduled to open February 2007. “Port Royal is very historic,” says Jacky Shepard, director of the Jamaica Committee, which is collaborating with the museum for this exhibit. @cal body 1:Founded by the British in 1655, Port Royal soon became bustling with ships and overrun by pirates -- arrr! -- including the infamous Henry Morgan. In 1692 an earthquake and tidal wave sunk two-thirds of the city. Swashbucklers can learn more during a talk by Ainsley Henriques, chair of the Organizing Committee of the World Archaeological Congress. Tasty snacks will be prepared by Ortanique on the Mile chef Cindy Hutson, Tortuga Rumcakes will provide dessert, and Bacardi has the bottles of rum to go with your yo-ho-ho. Parrots and their peg-leg friends will also be able to bust a move to live music or challenge the Miami Fencing Club to a swordfight. Don your puffy shirts and eye patches and set sail for the museum by 6:00, or you’ll be walking the plank. Tickets cost $40, and donations are tax deductible. Call 305-375-1492, or visit www.historical-museum.org.
Thu., May 25
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Lyssa Oberkreser
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