Well Versed

After Miami’s Richard Blanco took the podium at Barack Obama’s inauguration earlier this year, our pretty city definitely scored itself a little more cred when it comes to the written word. Luckily for those of us who are into literature, after a one-year absence, the O, Miami Poetry Festival is returning to the Magic City. And yes, there will be Blanco, as well as Thurston Moore, poetry flash mobs, dead poets, contests, and tattoos. It’s kind of like a poetry-palooza. “The point of the festival is really to reach people who normally wouldn’t care or normally think they wouldn’t care. In my experience, there are a lot more people out there who have [more] connection to poetry than they’re willing to admit,” says P. Scott Cunningham, one of the festival’s founders. Moore, lead singer of Sonic Youth; Blanco, Miami’s 2013 presidential inauguration poet; and Megan Amram, poet, comedian, and writer for Parks & Recreation, will be front and center at the New World Center (500 17th St., Miami Beach) April 28. Between now and then, there’ll also be poems by emerging poets, poetry films, and other surprises throughout April, including poetry films commissioned from Borscht Corp., a parade of poetry buffs dressed as their favorite dead writers, and a secret flash mob. Who knew poetry could inspire you to go out and, y’know, do stuff?
April 1-30, 2013
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