Welcome to Thunderland

Sometime between the first nudie silent picture and today’s porn oversaturation, there was a golden era of B-films such as Kentucky Fried Movie and Amazon Women on the Moon, which titillated us with just the right amount of skin. Actresses such as Sybil Danning and Mamie Van Doren were the stuff of wet dreams for entire generations. To many, the movies — and the big-breasted ladies who starred in them — added to the objectification of a gender. But to some, like renowned photog Justice Howard, the campy genre did much to empower women and put them in touch with their latent sexuality. Howard has shot celebrities and fashion for a quarter-century, but it has always been her erotic images that have most stirred the soul. Her ease with what some call sleaze is the subject of the “Alice in Thunderland” exhibit at the World Erotic Art Museum. Artworks inspired by Lewis Carroll’s innocent yet naughty Alice and her cohorts will remind you exactly why the story is so often used as a backdrop for non-G-rated depictions. Howard’s images combine fairy tales with B-actresses and pinups as well as a fetishist’s sensibilities to arouse and inspire. The photographer also looks toward Disney to deliver her take on misbehaving princesses in “One Upon a Tease.”
May 16-30, 11 a.m., 2011
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Sebastian del Mármol