Weapon of Choice

Long before it was the norm for comedians to redefine themselves with dramatic roles, Robin Williams was getting crap for it. Some people just couldn't get over this guy moving them to tears in films such Dead Poets Society, Awakenings, and The Fisher King. Despite a laundry list of stellar turns on the silver screen, Williams is literally a madman when he's got a mike in his hand — all non sequitur and free association, flying across the stage like a Jack Russell terrier with a bladder problem. It's been six years since he last stepped into the stand-up spotlight, the role for which he was once so well known. Now the talented comedian-turned-actor is turning comedian again thanks to his latest full-scale assault, the Weapons of Self-Destruction Tour. Watch as Williams hits his old stride again, this time mining his past addictions to blow and booze, his equally wild personal life, and his obsessions with computer games including World of Warcraft. He's even got plenty to say about the economy, the state of the nation, and former President George W. as well, subjects for which you can probably credit his dramatic side. Williams will hole up for two nights, this Wednesday and Thursday, at Hard Rock Live at Seminole Paradise. The marathon two-hour stand-up sessions, both beginning at 8 p.m., will run you $75 to $150 a head.
Wed., March 4; Thu., March 5, 2009
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John Linn