We Think We’re in Love

The engineers of our you-can-do-it culture would like you to think that being a DJ takes nothing more than an iPod and a killer playlist. While those things might work in that basement nightclub down the street, try bringing that foolishness to Mansion on a Friday night and see how things turn out. Better yet, try stepping into DJ Irie’s Nikes for a day; we promise you can’t rival this man on the ones and twos. The song goes “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life,” but Irie performs mouth-to-mouth on the oft-lifeless music scene at night, in the afternoon, and sometimes in the early morning. With spots spinning the Drive at 5 on 99 Jamz and at gigs around the world, he’s a busy man, and we often wonder how he does it.

The Pepsi DJ Division is less concerned with the how’s, and simply wants to thank Irie — and is paying tribute with a celebration called “Month in the Mix.” Friday night at Spirits, join DJ Kool G and Ace Hood in saluting one of the nation’s greatest, and while you’re at it, hear how a pro does it. There’s no cover, and doors open at 10. Visit www.pepsidjdivision.com to check out the other honorees.
Thu., Aug. 7, 2008
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Raina McLeod
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