We Play Loud, Fast, Hard

No natural-born punk worth his or her back issues of Maximumrocknroll could ever forget the first rule of DIY: “Our scene is the best scene.” And with the supposed forging grounds of NYC, London, and L.A. reduced to trading on the names of the dead — CBGB, Sid Vicious, Darby Crash — the future lives on in places such as Miami. So dismiss the meccas, shave your head, and start a band named something offhand like Scum Suckers. Then — don’t stall — record a five-song, four-minute demo and mosh your way onstage at Punk Fest.

The hardcore scene-building begins when headliners Broken Rhythm and a gaggle of other angry young gits scream out their social discontent. Though it’ll cost you to get in the door, being there could mean the violent birth of another new wave, or, at the very least, some fun times soaked in the beer spit and sweat of all of your newfound friends.
Fri., April 10, 10 p.m., 2009
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S. Pajot