We Love You, Mama

The midweek mystery flu is not uncommon. So if you’ve been battling cold chills while coughing up blood and suffering less than stellar erections, resist that premature urge to rush for the emergency room. Trust us — you haven’t contracted some deadly jungle disease requiring immediate medical care or quarantine. It’s just a routine case of the Wednesdays, and the sure cure is a booze-based Dominican elixir, otherwise known as mamajuana. First concocted by the Taino Indians, the legendary drink is a medicinal brew of honey, herbs, roots, rum, and wine that can reputedly cure any ailment. And now, all Miamians — sick or not — can get a shot of the stuff at MamaJuana Café (225 Altara Ave., Coral Gables), the new sister branch of the original New York operation owned by Victor Osorio and Carlos Saint-Hilaire. Plus — aside from the restaurant’s eponymous magic juice — the café offers other custom over-the-counter cocktails as well as a menu of Nuevo Latino dishes prescribed by Chef Ricardo Cardona. So shake off the work-a-day ills, gather some strength, and make your dinner reservation by dialing 305-443-0505 or visiting mamajuanacafefl.com.
Starts: March 16. Daily, 2009
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S. Pajot