Watch Aguirre, The Wrath of God While Floating Down the Miami River

"On a boat" is pretty much the perfect way to end any first person sentence. Particularly in Miami. "I ate stone crabs ... on a boat." "I got laid ... on a boat." "I met Kim Kardashian ... on a boat." See how it ups the excitement factor?

"I watched Aguirre, The Wrath of God on a boat" is no exception. Thanks to the end/SPRING BREAK, in collaboration with Miami Art Museum (MAM), you could be the lucky "I." On February 2, 37 seagoers will actually get to watch Aguirre while sailing down the Miami River on a catamaran.

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As part of their New Work Miami 2013 project, MAM is presenting a whole assortment of commissioned works by local artists. The afternoon sail aboard a cat is the latest, dreamed up by the end/SPRING BREAK.

"This particular screening of this film in this particular way is based on a conversation had in passing with Carlos Rigau, where he suggested that we screen Aguirre, The Wrath of God on a boat going down the Miami River and ending in the Biscayne Bay," said Domingo Castillo of the end/SPRING BREAK.

Surprisingly, the qualifications to get on board aren't that tough. The first 37 people to email a 500 word essay about New Work Miami 2013 to mymam@miamiartmuseum.org will score a seat. As far as guidelines, "it may be a review, reflection, or creative response that makes reference to the exhibition," according to MAM.

The flick, described as a "West German New Wave adventure art film" was created by Werner Herzog in 1972. It's the story of a 16th-century Spanish expedition, led by the ruthless Don Aguirre in search of El Dorado. And judging by this trailer, it looks epic. Did we mention there'll be food and drinks, too?

Aguirre: The Wrath of God | Klaus Kinski | Werner Herzog | Ruy Guerra | Movie Trailer | Review

What's ahead for NWM, in addition to this awesomely bizarre boat ride?

"Constantino Manuel Torres, a professor from FIU, will be giving a lecture on visionary agents in contemporary art. That same night following the lecture, Pioneer Winter will be presenting one of his choreographed works. Kevin Arrow and Romulo del Castillo will be doing a Krautrock Planetarium extravaganza in April and we're bringing Mike Diana to Miami for a week or so in May," Castillo tells Cultist.

The cat cruise sets sail at 7 p.m. on Saturday, February 2. Email mymam@miamiartmuseum.org with a 500-word essay to score a seat. Good luck, sailors.

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