W Magazine Features Jillian Mayer and Her Scenic Jog Through Wynwood

Is W magazine obsessed with New Times? First they nabbed an interview with our Art Basel coverboy Bert Rodriguez, and now they're profiling one of our picks from our People Issue, Jillian Mayer. Okay, with the first, maybe we were trying to get their attention by painting Rodriguez's bare ass silver in an attempt to spoof their Kardashian cover. But with Mayer, we're pretty sure she got their attention all by herself.

The young artist is on fire lately, having been honored at the

Guggenheim even before having her first solo show. As you may remember,

her video "Scenic Jogging" was chosen at one of the top 25 videos in the

Guggenheim's YouTube Play biennial. In it, she sprints down a Wynwood

street while screensavers are projected onto building, walls, and

storefronts behind her. See the video here.

W magazine devoted three screen shots and a short write-up to our

precious Mayer on page 16 of their current issue. Interestingly, she

has something in common with another artist featured on the same page,

Kayne West. The megalomaniac rapper's video "Runaway" was selected as one

of IFC's Ten Greatest Music Videos of 2010 as was "Light Bulb," a music video for Miami's

Rachel Goodrich, on which Mayer served as Creative and Artistic Director.

Here's that video:

Rachel Goodrich "Light Bulb" from Lucas Leyva on Vimeo.

Mayer currently has work up at "The Maginot Line" exhibit at the David Castillo Gallery (2234 NW Second Ave., Miami). And keep an eye our for her first solo early next year. Visit

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Amanda McCorquodale