Vote for Miami's Best Gallery, Best Bike Shop, Best Local Blog in Reader's Poll

It's awards season around the New Times offices. We're burning neurons on the Best of Miami issue, on newsstands this June. And as we can already hear your bitchin' that our winners are random/esoteric/dumb, we'd like to remind everyone that there are dozens and dozens of Best of awards that are voted on by all of you in our reader's poll.

And the poll's June 6th deadline is fast approaching. So, dear Cultist readers, we pulled out the categories we expect you to have opinions on. You who venture out to the Second Saturday Art Walk every month, you who blow a gasket on news of a Miami H&M, you who packed the New World Center to catch a glimpse of James Franco and listen to poetry about Britney Spears.

Hey, we don't often ask for your opinion. So weigh in with your favorites on the following Best of Miami awards. Vote online here

City Life:

Best Art Gallery       

Best Art Walk (yep, there's more than one)

Best Festival       

Best Hotel       

Best Museum       

Best Place to People-watch      

Best Place to Take Out-of-towners       

Best Weekend Getaway         


Best Beach       

Best Local Blog      

Best Local Website       

Best Public Park        

Best Twitter      

Shops & Wares

Best Bike Shop      

Best Dive Shop      

Best Gym North     

Best Gym South

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