Vintage Mavens Risks Heat Exhaustion and Gators in New Look Book

Back in May, we told you about a Miami stylist, Shareen Rubiera-Sarwar, who was launching Vintage Mavens, an online shop of vintage and original designs. She just released her first video look book, and not only does it make her threads look good, it reminds us how freakin awesome SoFla's landscape is. We've had trouble seeing it through this August humidity and sweat.

Filmed in the Everglades by photographer-filmmaker husband Jorge Rubiera (who also plays drums in Miami band Animal Tropical), Shareen says it was brutally hot out there. "I wasn't prepared for the caliber of heat that we actually got while shooting. We would shoot for a couple minutes and then I'd have to yell, 'Cut! I'm going to faint!' I never did faint, but I did get bitten by some mutant strand of mosquito all over my legs. In the end, it was worth it."

Despite the oppressive heat and nasty bugs, Shareen blissfully meanders through open fields and canopied trails, sidestepping alligators and snapping turtles. The short video shows off our town's best side, the marshy frontier that predates all the Pollo Tropicals and strip malls. Thanks for the moment of zen, Shareen. Click on to see the video.

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