Villain Theater Presents an All-Female Comedy Show Just in Time for Valentine's Day

It has become impossible to say the words “women aren’t funny" — regardless of a lot of boring, unfunny men trying hard to do so. Miami's Villain Theater proves women comics are seriously hilarious, which is why they are part of the Saturday Gigantic lineup every week.

On Thursday, February 11, in a Valentine’s Day celebration that’s more about loving yourself than anyone else, Villain Theater and Women In Comedy will be presenting A Love Letter to Myself. The special show is devoted to showcasing comediennes and exploring what it means to love yourself as a woman in 2016.

Women in Comedy, a Chicago organization aiming to empower and connect female improvisers, is bringing the ladies while Villain Theater is providing the stage. The lineup consists of comedians Gladys Nobriga, Meaghan Gallagher, Liz Tracy (former New Times music editor and current arts writer), and Catherina Transleau. Two improv teams will also join: one composed of women from several theaters across South Florida, and the other, Villain Theater's own female troupe Orange is the New Wack.

Jannelys Santos, the associate producer at Villain Theater who organized the unique event, is particularly excited about how comedy is turning into a platform for women. “Comedy in general is told through the male perspective because that is the only perspective that is deemed universal, and of course that is part of a larger patriarchal system of thinking that infiltrates into all aspects of society,” she explains.

“Women's voices, and consequently their comedy, are often stunted and many women are... discouraged from sharing their comedic perspective. For me, personally, I have no interest in being the only woman onstage with a group of men... I constantly have to find a balance between not diminishing my gender while not being defined by my gender either. That kind of pressure is alleviated when I am playing with an even mix of both men and women.”

Thursday night kicks off with speed-networking, offering an opportunity to expand your web of funny women who share your interest in professional comedy. “We are literally going to have a rotation of women interacting for a certain amount of time to ensure everyone gets to talk to each other,” Santos elaborates. After that, Villain Theater launches into the all-female comedy show at 8:30 p.m. lasting the rest of the evening. The material ranges from self-addressed love letters to the standup and improvised performances by the comedians.

A Love Letter to Myself
Thursday, February 11, starting at 6:30 p.m. at Villain Theater at Made at the Citadel. Tickets cost $12. Visit villaintheater.com.

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