Video: Memorial Weekend Comedy Festival, Who's Funny?

If you think about it, Memorial Day, which commemorates fallen soldiers, is a bit of a downer. Comedian Mark Curry has the right idea: Send all the jailed gangbangers, crackheads, and pedophile priests to fight in Iraq - and their lawyers too. Curry, that affable guy from

Hangin' with Mr. Cooper

, is definitely the highlight of this Sunday's 3rd annual

Memorial Weekend Comedy Festival

. We scoured the clips of the funnymen (and one funnywoman) in Sunday's lineup. Franky, it was just a lot of F bombs dropped in between jabs at ugly members of the audience.

But in the above clip, Curry impersonates a crackhead in a war zone, admits his attraction to Condoleezza Rice, and dramatizes the perks of dating mature women. Can someone get this man a new sitcom plz? He just might be our generation's Bill Cosby.

We've ranked the night's other comedians in order of funny to kinda-funny: Earthquake, Adele Givens, Gary Owen, and Tony Rock (yes, brother of Chris). Their clips are speckled with requisite standup profanity, i.e. NSFW. So either turn the volume way down on your work computer or pop in some headphones, and enjoy this preview of Sunday's festival of laughs.

Earthquake on Everybody Hates Chris, HBO's One Night

Stand, or in Kevin Smith's Clerks II. Lesser known, though, is that he

served in the Air Force for 11 years before being honorably discharged

as a conscientious objector to the Gulf War. Below, taking a less

principled stance, he talks about what it's like to work side-by-side

with Mexicans:

She's toured with Mo'Nique on the Queens of Comedy tour. Here's Adele Givens on the insanity of Jenny Craig commercials:

Gary Owen, a white guy, won "Funniest Black Comedian in San Diego." In

the below clip, he discusses why it's awesome to have interracial


Tony Rock is like a small flicker of humor to his brother's roaring

flame of funny, but we thought the following bit about genitalia was


Tickets to the 3rd annual Memorial Weekend Comedy Festival cost $38.50

to $58.50. Visit ticketmaster.com. The laughs starts at 8 p.m. on

Sunday, May 30, at the James L. Knight Center (400 SE Second Ave.,


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