Video: Canvas Miami Reimagines the A&E District With Monthly Flea Market Event

The early evening light on Sunday was as orange as the pumpkins for sale at the second ever Miami Flea, a market packed with 50-plus vendors and an endless stream of all-ages shoppers. The atmosphere was so inviting, I spent more than I should have. I went a little wild on vintage apparel at the Dale Zine table from Little Flags, glittering jewels at Indie True, even paid “what I was comfortable with in my heart” at Return to the Roots apothecary, and I naturally purchased a lobster roll for immediate consumption.

The fully stocked event was hosted by Canvas Miami, a group tasked with jazzing up the area now known as the Arts + Entertainment District. Canvas is getting people excited about the neighborhood in anticipation of “lifestyle” type condos soon to be erected by NR Investments around NE 17th Street and Second Avenue.

I have to give it to them, Canvas meets the task with gusto and great success, hosting a variety of buzzing events like Caffeinated Conversations with Miami-Dade’s Confucius Institute, S’mores Under the Moonlight featuring popular local musical acts and the star of any event they're at, s’mores, and Yoga SoundTrek where you can “open your hips” to Buddha Bar-inspired sounds. For that last one, they’re pairing up stretching this week with Miami’s youngest ongoing music fest, III Points, to the soothing soundtrack of Nick León.

Watch and learn about what Canvas Miami is building up right around the corner from downtown.

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