Veronica's Dollhouse Brings Tea and Treasures to South Miami

Every little girl dreams of living in their favorite dollhouse. Sisters Veronica and Andrea Gonzalez made that dream a reality when they created their South Miami boutique, Veronica's Dollhouse. Self-proclaimed Disney-lovers, the sisters first spotted their dream model at Epcot.

They later found a replica at an estate sale and the idea for a store was born. Featuring a living room equipped with a fireplace and television, a kitchen stocked with bite-sized pastries, an elegant bed, bubbly bathtub, and vintage attic, the space feels as cozy as a real home.

The store opened in August. Since then, they have

attracted shoppers both young and old. Andrea describes their average

customer as "mothers and girls in their mid-20s. But it's really a wide

range because a lot of our younger girls love our enchanted necklaces

and older grandmothers come in for what we sell in the kitchen."


visit this boutique expecting to find stereotypical Miami clothing.

Instead, Andrea defines the style as "simple, elegant, classic, and

timeless," with many of their pieces coming from "anywhere but Miami."

They sell brands like vintage-inspired Trashy Diva from New Orleans and Stop Staring from Los Angeles. While their shoes and handbags are shipped overseas from the U.K. from designers like Vivienne Westwood and Miss L Fire.


February, the sisters began hosting private tea parties which blossomed

into their "best asset." Groups of two to 25 can unite to

enjoy an endless pot of tea and freshly baked French treats like

macaroons and tarts from local bakeries (that Andrea assures are better

than those from Paris' renowned Ladurée). During the gathering, the

store is closed to others and all that attend receive 20 percent off

the merchandise.

In the future, they hope to expand to include a

nursery and separate tea room exclusively for their parties. For

information on how to host your own tea party at the store, you can

visit their web site here.

Check out some more pictures to see all that this boutique has to offer:

The store creates a rococo-meets-Victorian feel with their vintage furniture, unique decorations and special touches.


vintage attic rotates weekly and is stocked full of jewelry, clothing

and accessories that the sisters find in estate sales around the city.

In the kitchen area, you can pick-up teas, coffees and special French treats.

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