Use Your Flip Cup, Beer Pong Skills to Win a Trip to Vegas and Chance at $10K

To everyone who told you you were wasting your college years playing endless hours of flip cup and beer pong, you can officially give 'em a BOOYAH.

Wild Turkey American Honey is sponsoring a Red Cup Challenge this Saturday at the Sandbar, and teams can compete in the above mentioned sports (or, uh, "sports") to win a trip to Vegas and a chance at $10K. The winners will go up against other city's teams in November's Bar-sity Olympics, held in Sin City - which means competing in everything from corn hole and darts to shuffleboard and kickball.

Your whole adult life has been leading up to this. Are you ready?

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The event is put together by the folks at South Florida Club Sports, an org that hosts leagues for soccer, softball, kickball, volleyball, and flag football. Steven Arsenault, Director, is stoked about Saturday's epic competition.

"They [Wild Turkey American Honey] created this event in Vegas called the Bar-sity Sports Championship and they're working with ten or 12 different cities. We're one of them!

"Everybody's doing something different, rochambeau tournaments, kickball -- it's all over the map of things they're doing. We decided to do a red cup challenge," Arsenault says.

For $20, anyone can register a team for flip cup, beer pong, or both. Flip cup is a mandatory five- person team of three guys and two girls. Beer pong teams have to be two people -- one dude, one chick. The big winners for each tourney will get to head to Sin City for an epic adventure.

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"You get out there on Friday, you'll compete in four games -- shuffleboard, ping pong, darts and cornhole. Then Saturday everybody will play a kickball tournament. The overall winners will get $10K," says Arsenault.

But even if you're not national champion material, almost everything in Vegas is comped: your hotel stay, your flight, a $100 per person, per day stipend, and team swag.

"They're going all out," Arsenault adds. Yeah, that's not a bad prize package for your debaucherous skill set.

They're trying to keep the competition to 16 teams on Saturday at Sandbar, so hurry up and register already. You have to pay your fee online ahead of the event, so get to it.

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