Update: No Show for the Mariconsons

UPDATE: Santos informed New Times this morning that the show described below has been cancelled. The mariconsons won't be coming home tonight.

The mariconsons are coming home tonight when Spanish language radio personalities Enrique Santos and Joe Ferrero hit the stage at Miami Improv in Coconut Grove.

The last time Miami heard Santos and Ferrero was this past March 5 when the dynamic radio duo abruptly quit their popular morning show El Vacilon de la Mañana on El Zol 95.7 FM while on the air. They left the Coral Gables-based radio station after another Zol personality mocked Vacilon.

Prior to their departure, the hosts had owned the coveted 6 to 11 am time slot with their raucous brand of lewd jokes, political satire, and on-air prank calls. They gained notoriety when they suckered Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. Some of their other hijinks included pretending Santos had died on April Fools Day.

Earlier this month, Santos and Ferrero signed a five-year, multimillion dollar deal with Univision Radio. The pair can be heard on New York’s La Kalle 105.9. But due to a non-compete agreement with their former employers, Santos and Ferrero won’t be on Miami’s airwaves until next year. --Francisco Alvarado

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