Undersea Pornography

Watch the coral get it on

FRI 8/26

The full moon in August casts a steamy, romantic spell. For the hard corals in the Florida Keys, the looming orb means the time is right for love. A few days after the lunar event, branching and boulder star varieties of coral release their sex cells in an awe-inspiring spectacle of synchronous spawning that divers flock to behold. Spawning is expected to occur sometime between August 22 and August 27. If you're scuba-certified, you can indulge your voyeuristic urges. Captain Slate's Atlantis Dive Center (51 Garden Cove Dr., Key Largo; 305-451-1325; www.captainslate.com) is organizing expeditions for this must-see event. For $65 you get two tanks, weights, and the opportunity to witness an amazing underwater sight. The first trip leaves the dock tonight at 8:00. Other dive shops, including Tilden's Scuba Center (4650 Overseas Hwy., Marathon; 305-743-7255; www.tildensscubacenter.com) and Island Ventures (Sundowners Restaurant, MM 104, Key Largo; 305-451-4957; www.islandventures.com), will arrange excursions upon request. Costs and event dates may vary. For a list of participating dive shops, visit www.fla-keys.com. --Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik


All ruffs and no 'roids

WED 8/31

Yo, dog, this one's for you. Get your wag on and woof, woof, woof for the Florida Marlins as they take on the St. Louis Cardinals during the Snausages "Dog Day in the Park" event. Snocrates (the snack-happy Snausages pup) will throw the first pitch and pose for photos (after sniffing you a bit), and each dog will receive VIP (very important puppies) treatment with special section seating, a free doggie gift bag, and plenty of snacks and water. In addition to the proceeds from ticket sales, Snausages will donate $2500 to the Humane Society of Broward County and the Humane Society of Greater Miami. Tie on a cute teal bandana, push the fur out of your eyes, and catch the action tonight at 7:05 at Dolphins Stadium, 2267 Dan Marino Blvd., Miami. Tickets cost $6 for dogs and children, $12 for adults. Call 305-749-1832, or visit www.humanesocietymiami.org. --Lyssa Oberkreser

Blame It on Budokon

SAT 8/27

If you've been suffering from a hernia of the self-image, then ditch that perma-frown and join the latest workout craze to sprout from la-la land. Founded by lifestyle coach Cameron Shayne, Budokon -- an exhilarating blend of yoga and martial arts -- is credited with keeping Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox Arquette, and Rene Russo fiddle-fit for the silver screen. Faster than you can yell, "In yo' face, Billy Blanks!" Shayne has busted out of his Pacific Palisades studio and taken his life-altering show on the road to help others explore the maximum potential of the mind and body. Catch the celebrity fitness guru's routine today at 10:00 a.m. at The Sports Club/LA (1435 Brickell Ave., Miami) and unleash your inner showgirl. Tickets cost $40. 305-381-3939. -- Carlos Suarez de Jesus

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