Ultra Music Festival Fashion: Never a Dull Moment

Ultra Music Festival: The perfect reason to prohibit judgements, and forget inhibitions. As always, this year's Ultra was a place to party, dance, and of course, wear your wildest fashions.

Here, there are no rules. Your shoes don't need to match your outfit; everyone can wear a skirt; and even in the tropical sun, weather leg-warmers are a plus.

Oh yeah, and beads. You're gonna need a stupid amount of beads.

All over Ultra, we spotted individuals that made us wonder, made us laugh, and made us drop our jaws in awe. But we will say this: Each was having fun in its own way, and ruling its own style. Check out out pictures below.

Angel or devil? (We're guessing the latter.)


Peace, love, and neon green fur.

Sing it with us now: "YMCA!"

This all looks relatively normal ... until you zoom in on her ears. Do you miss Middle Earth, young lady?

Rainbow Brite, all grown up.

Blow-up sex doll: The ultimate Ultra accessory.

Ultraman. Naturally.

Is it just us, or is the schoolgirl look played out? No? It's still super-sexy and not pervy at all? Okay then.

We wouldn't want to meet these two in a dark alley. Geez, the boots alone.

Still not pervy? Mmmkay.

This look is best observed from the bottom up: Hey, cute belt and omg unicorns and pretty pink curls and HOLY SWEET GOD IT'S JAWS.

Demon Chief Bikinifeather totally hearts Avicii.

Na'vi ravers. Well played.

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Pamela Wasabi
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