Two South Florida So You Think You Can Dance Contestants Are Nearing the Finish Line

Eliana Girard, a West Palm Beach ballerina, and Tiffany Maher, a jazz dancer from Plantation, made it through another round of eliminations on So You Think You Can Dance last night -- meaning they're two of only six remaining dancers in the competition.

The two dancers have quietly but steadily risen through the ranks of this season's So You Think You Can Dance contestants. As of last night, two of the top three remaining girls are South Florida locals, meaning there's a good chance the next female winner of the show will be bringing her win home to our backyard.

A really good chance, in fact, because things aren't looking good for the other, non-Floridian girl remaining. Witney Carson, a Latin ballroom dancer from Utah, has been relegated to the show's "bottom two" by voters for the last two episodes.

Eliana and Tiffany have more fan support, apparently; Tiffany has never been in the bottom, and Eliana has found herself there only once, back in July.

South Florida has seen its share of So You Think You Can Dance stars in the past. Miami-born, Pinecrest-raised Jeanine Mason took the title in 2009, and one of the show's fan favorites was former Miami City Ballet dancer Alex Wong, who left the Season Seven competition after getting injured in 2010 but has returned as one of the show's "all-stars" this season.

But this is the first time South Florida's been so well-represented this close to a season's finale. And who doesn't love a "local girl made good" story?

So sorry, Witney. You seem like a perfectly nice person. But you're going down.

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