Twelve Girls of Bikini Basketball: Miami Spice's Brittini Fuller

If you love bikinis, basketball, or women who get into both, Christmas has come early for you this year. The Miami Spice Bikini Basketball team has chosen its roster, and we're serving up photos and interviews of 12 of its newly named members. Consider it our (extremely belated) Christmas gift to you.

Brittini Fuller was a military brat, moving around a lot, but spending a significant amount of time in Hawaii. "Growing up in Hawaii was great," she remembers. "I love the people; they are so laid back and friendly. The food is amazing and the scenery and the beaches are beautiful."

After her parents divorced, Brittini lived with her dad and spent summers with mom. Along with new stepparents, Brittini collected two brothers and one sister. She finished high school in Hawaii and then enrolled in Broward College where she earned an associate's degree. She plans to wrap up her pharmaceutical degree at Nova Southeastern University.

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So what is Fuller the athlete like? "I am very competitive! I always want to win and I will work hard to get it. When I was young I was a little timid, but living with my dad, he put me in a lot of different sports and even coached my basketball team and taught me to be aggressive."

"I've definitely always been a sporty girl. I was involved in all different kinds of sports at a young age: basketball, flag football, swimming, karate, tennis, etc. In high school I played basketball, was on the swim team, and ran track."

She heard about Miami Spice through one of her best friends, who found out about it through Twitter. Fuller decided to research it further, finally agreeing that it was just what she'd been looking for.

Although comfortable in most positions, the 5'5" baller will be playing at small forward for Miami Spice. That doesn't mean that her presence is small. "My biggest strength on the court is my defense. Defense is what I live for! It's so fun to me and there's nothing more rewarding then playing some good defense and stripping someone of the ball. Scoring is nice too, of course, but getting steals and getting my team the ball is what I'm best at."

Fuller hopes to be both clown and confidant for her teammates. "I think my role on the team will be to make everyone laugh and be there if they need a shoulder to lean on. I'm very friendly and goofy and I love to laugh so I'm always joking around with everyone and talking about random things in life."

For a shorty like Fuller to play with the big dogs, she's gotta stay in shape. "I go to the gym about four times a week and try to have a well-balanced diet. I don't cut all the bad foods out and I love to eat, but I try not to let it get out of hand."

This baby baller isn't always what she seems. Her Christmas list? "I asked Santa for these huge X-Men and marvel books and a pair of shoes."

The 12 Girls of Bikini Basketball, so far:
Tina Caccavale
Delilah Barefield
Mysha Love
Andrea Gomez
Melissa "Mel" Caplan

Jache Sharnise Irvin
Camreon Dyer
Catherine Gibson
Erica Caldwell
Aisha "Lee" Poitier
Brittini Fuller

Catch Fuller and the rest of her team when Bikini Basketball games start in 2013. Follow the team on Twitter @SpiceMiami.

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