Twelve Adorably Fat Animals in Honor of Elephant Appreciation Day

Dumbo needs to get his drink on tonight, because today is Elephant Appreciation Day. And, man, do we appreciate this massive mammal. We don't want to hear any noise about hiccups or creepy hallucinations either, Dumbo, because if our eyes have taught us anything, it's that being elephant size is a beautifully hilarious thing that should be cherished and honored with its own special day.

No, we're not going to do what you think we're going to do and rip on fat people for an entire post. We're not bullies. We're not in elementary school anymore, and we don't get a sick thrill out of throwing Twinkies at the class butterball while yelling, "He's a hungry, hungry hippo!" We're not out to hurt anyone's feelings. But animals don't have feelings, right?

Just ask PETA.

So in honor of Elephant Appreciation Day, we're going to appreciate the hell out of 12 adorably husky animals. They're so cute they'll make you want to squeeze their pudgy little pot bellies -- and then do some situps.

1. He's less about chasing cars and more about being a speed bump.

2. Looks like the prairie ate the little house.

3. What a pig!

4. We hope this sweet face never meets the face of a Chinese buffet owner.

5. Pudgy and proud

6. A Fish Called What the Fuck Did You Eat?

7. A three of chubs

8. Looks like someone's been eating for nine lives.

9. We believe this breed of cat is called fatico.

10. What happens when the Smacks frog goes off the smack.

11. Should this really be an issue of sink or swim?

12. Please don't eat our souls.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.