Trolling Art Basel 2013 With Fake Piles of Money

Money makes the world go 'round.

Nowhere does that ring truer than the gross display of excess and wealth called Art Basel. So leave it to our art director Miche Ratto and photographer Stian Roenning to traverse Wynwood with stacks of (fake) money. Onlookers gawked, velvet ropes disappeared, and taxi services to Georgia became a possibility.

"Basically, photographer Stian Roenning and I finished our Basel cover with TYPOE and had 12 bundles of cash that I had made," Ratto explains. "While sipping on some fine spirits at a local pub, we thought how funny it would be to drop these in the middle of crowds. We thought it would make for a fun project.

"Then the idea developed way beyond that and into the absurdity of Basel and money. We thought it fit right into Basel and that some douchebag would be dollying around bundles of cash and no one would question it."

Go forth, and check out this little piece of "performance art."

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