Tracy Morgan Talks to Cultist in the Third Person

About a month ago, the Fillmore Miami Beach announced that our favorite comedian, Tracy Morgan, would be gracing their stage on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Our heart went aflutter and we shot our Miami New Times editor an email begging asking to cover the show. Luckily for us she obliged, even went as far as setting us up with a Q&A last week.

This past Friday, Morgan's "people" called us and said, "No one can find him. I mean, he is very busy. Can we move it to next week?"

Ugh, fine.

Morgan's handlers tracked him down on Tuesday. They warned us that he only wanted to discuss his stand-up at the Fillmore, 30 Rock, and absolutely nothing about his anti-gay rant. We obliged and milked our 270 seconds of allocated time to ask what we could. Check out

Cultist: It's so nice to speak with you. I am a huge fan.

Tracy Morgan: Well thank you. I really appreciate that.

You have such New York pride, I can't imagine you like getting off the East Coast. Do you enjoy coming to Miami?
I do like coming to Miami. It's such a pretty place to be. The crowd is so hip.

Good excuse to get out of the cold for a few days, right?
I mean, I am a 43-year-old man and after 43 years I am used to it. I am from New York City -- I represent.

I have to confess how excited I am for your show on Saturday. What is your stand-up like?
You have to come and live by experience. I can't tell you that.  You have to see on your own.  I can't tell you what its like. I can't be inside your body. It's a lot of fun.

Are you going to be politically correct? Belly Showing? Any hints?
Don't expect anything. That is one thing: have no expectations. Come with an open mind and get ready to laugh. Don't expect 30 Rock or Brian Fellows. This is a Tracy Morgan show. You wont see anything you see on TV.

So, I can't get one, "I am Brian Fellows."
No, this is the real Tracy Morgan. That is not going to happen. Tracy Morgan is real.

I know 30 Rock is about to come on the air again. What can fans expect from this upcoming season?
They are going to get the same thing they have gotten for five years. Just funny.

I have heard that Tracy Jordan is based a little on Tracy Morgan.
No, that's not right. You heard wrong. Tracy Jordan is just an image you see on TV.

I saw you on Oprah's last season. Speaking of, how is Ms. Winfrey in real life?
She's great. She was really nice to me. I had fun just hanging around her.

You were on with your co-star Tina Fey. You get kind of chocked up when you talk about her.
She means a lot to me and I mean a lot to her. We are good friends. But I don't want people to think too much about 30 Rock in this interview.

I am sorry, what?
I like to separate the 30 Rock fans form the Tracy Morgan fans. I want people to think about the Tracy Morgan show. I don't want to talk about 30 Rock anymore.

Um, OK then. Well, I am going to guess you feel pretty strongly about your stand-up show.
Being in front of all of those people and seeing all of those people smile and laugh gets me off. This show [in Miami] is all about giving back. I have been fortunate in my life. And I like to think about people less fortunate. That's why we made it a benefit show.  

Why should people come to your show Saturday? Some people might have some harsh feelings towards you.
Just to get ready: I am bringing the funny.

Tracy Morgan at The Fillmore Miami Beach (1700 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach) on Saturday, November 26 at 8 p.m. Tickets cost between $58.50 and $153.50. Visit

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