Tracey Emin and Scarface Starring Kittens at L.A.'s Cat Art Show

Susan Michals is sitting at a bar thinking seriously about cats. By day, Culver City-based Michals works as a journalist, covering arts and culture and celebrities. By night and on weekends, she is the curator of Cat Art Show Los Angeles, a two-weekend, four-day group exhibition beginning Jan. 25, which promises "an examination of the psychology, inspiration and physical impact of cats in our lives."

The show's taking place thousands of miles away on the country's opposite coast, but there's plenty of Miami in this show. Local artist Joann Biondi, whose series of photo portraits of Lorenzo the Cat have earned local notoriety, will showcase them at the show, alongside cat-themed art by Tracey Emin, who celebrated her first institutional solo show at MOCA (the Miami one, not L.A.'s) in December.

Oh yeah, and there's also a shoot-out scene from Scarface, reimagined with cats holding the guns.

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