Tower of Babel

Taking center stage at Diaspora Vibe Gallery in the Design District is a group video exhibit featuring artists from throughout the United States, England, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and Peru.

"Exodus" seeks to examine the use of video to generate dialogue and investigate the media's influence on world events, popular culture, and the migration of artists in society. All works on display will run concurrently and continuously in the gallery, creating an unruly techno Tower of Babel that challenges traditional representations of art and perceptual notions of time. While the concept seems confounding on paper, the exhibit yields some interesting gems if one takes the time to wade through the visual noise. Catch Chantal James's The Wasteland: Funabem's Story, a four-minute piece narrating the daily grind of an impoverished worker at Jardim Gramacho, South America's largest landfill and the communities that have sprung up surreptitiously on the outskirts of the Dante-esque dump site. Located near the eternally hip-grinding confines of Rio de Janeiro, the landfill receives nearly 12,000 tons of garbage a day and is home to 20,000 damned souls, most of whom earn their keep sorting through raw refuse for their sustenance or selling recyclable materials to survive.
June 22-July 22, 2010
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Carlos Suarez De Jesus