Tough Love Miami's Avonte Strikes Back: "Jane Had a Boyfriend The Entire Time"

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When we were given the task of reviewing Tough Love Miami back in October, we were more than excited. We won't lie; we love ourselves some reality TV. But what would come of these write-ups is something we never expected. Along the way, we have actually become friendly with a couple of these ladies. From happy hours to charity events together, we are practically unofficial reality stars ourselves. (Let us dream, ok?)

So it wasn't surprising when Avonte Wright shot us an email this week. But she wasn't looking to be girlfriends.

Earlier this week, we interviewed Jane Castro,

aka Miss Bossy, regarding the fact that she was pretty much cut out of

the reunion. She told us her side of the story and also mentioned a few

of the other ladies from Tough Love Miami, including Avonte.

Apparently, Avonte didn't like what Jane had to say. And if you want to

know her side of the story, well, here it is:

Cultist: What were your thoughts on our Q&A with castmate, Jane Castro, yesterday?
Avonte Wright: What came to mind was that she is pathological and that she is at it again. I don't have a problem with Jane, but she gets under my skin. I just hate liars.

What "lie" would you say stood out to you the most?
Her hot seat segment. It was cut because she was still dating, not just having sex, with her boyfriend, Allan, when we were filming the show. So in the middle of the season, we found out this bombshell and it was like, "what are they [Vh1] going to do?" They ended up bringing her back, but we all found out this was her plan from the starting gate. I don't like to talk behind people's backs, so that's why I brought it up in front of her. So, that's why it was cut. Not because it started to become the "Jane Show." It was because they were done with her. It was crazy to me that she even thought that. If they only had an hour show, why wouldn't they cut the relationship that never made sense?

So according to you, she had a boyfriend the entire time?
Yes, the entire time. I have facts; that's I know she had a boyfriend the entire time.

Well, what are those facts?
I can say this: She made a phone call to Allan, when we weren't even supposed to be using the phone, that was overheard. They were both in on it the entire time. She wanted the fame. We all did, but I actually thought Steve was going to find me a man.

How do you think you were portrayed on the reunion?
I don't really have any feelings toward the reunion. I don't like the fact that they made me seem like a gold digger or an athlete chaser. I am so far from that. Yes, I was dating an athlete, but we just went on a couple of dates. It was nothing serious, so it was hard to explain that to the audience. I just want a man with a job!

Are you single?
I am happily single, but I am dating. I am a little older than the other girls, so I take relationships much more serious than maybe the other girls.

What are your thoughts on host, Steve Ward?
I think he has a lot of good points. I never really talked to Steve. It looks like we talk to him and he gets to know us. But all he knows is what the producers ask us. He never had a one-on-one with me. I think from that standpoint, it does become a little fake. He comes in, he says he is this hardcore matchmaker, but then he hooks Brigette up with this crazy dude and me up with broke dudes. He never got to know the real, true us. He thought Leilani was superficial, but she just didn't know how to communicate what she really wanted. Also, he was the only one with a make up artist. Like, really Steve? We are sweating and he is getting powdered.

You didn't seem to be into any of the dudes you were set up with.
All I really meet is entertainment people, so I really just wanted to meet someone successful. Not an athlete, maybe an executive, you know? I am a professional woman; I own my own cosmetic line. The first guy, Donald, was great. The second guy, Trevis, was unemployed and wanted to be an NBA coach, yet had never been a referee. Then the third guy, Eric, was 38 and trying to be a singer. I was done. I was extremely glad it was over.

I have to ask you about Christine and Brigette. What are they really like?
During the show, me and Christine shared a bathroom. I would tell her all the time, "You are like the single white female." She is like a little Chucky. She is kind of evil in a way. Then there was her and Frank... I was happy to get away from her. Brigette is just New York. I don't want to hang out with these girls. Me and Leilani hang out, but we don't even hang out that much.

Christine's Frank seemed like a huge weirdo.
Frank is weird. I had a problem with Christine because while it would seem like I was calling these girls out, but I wasn't. I couldn't watch her talk to Steve when I knew that wasn't her. That just shows you the kind of girl she really is. She has always been kind of slutty and Frank was able to bring that out. Maybe it took a freak like Frank to accept who she is.

What about Britgette's man?
Brigette's guy was weird. I told Brigette before we left the house, "Make sure he doesn't kill you before the show airs because they won't air the show."

In the end, are you glad you did the show?
I am extremely glad. There were a lot of good moments and I learned a lot about myself. I got to see what other people see. I thought I was the sweetest thing. It was quite the experience.

What are you up to these days now that the show is over?
I am working on a new project, but you know I can't say too much. People ask me about the show Manswers on Spike TV, and yes, that was me. I used to be an actress. I occasionally model. I travel the country to host events.

Last and final question: Is it true your ex-husband is Sean Stockman from Boyz II Men?
Yes, he is my ex spiritual husband. [Laughs] It's only funny now that I am out of the situation. I got into the situation when I was younger. I was very insecure at the time. Sean and I were friends for 18 years, so when he introduced me into this new way of thinking and this whole new religion, I was ready to try something different. I loved him at the time. I had enough of the other woman and the whole situation, so I had to get out.

Did his wife ever know about you?
His wife never knew till I told her when I left. He made me promise to focus on us and then work her into this. And it never happened. I felt so guilty that I wrote her the longest letter. They are still together and I think it's because of the way she found out.

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