Tough Love Miami Reunion: Here's What You Missed

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Well, that's all, kids. We  have officially survived 11 weeks of Tough Love Miami. Quite the feat, if you ask us. But just when you thought it was over, Steve Ward let us know last week that for the first time, all the ladies were coming back for a reunion. Were they all still in relationships, or had they all changed their status to " it's complicated"?

Everyone, even Steve's mama JoAnn, made her way back to Vh1's studios

for one last get-together. And just in case you missed it, well, be

pissed that you did. A lot of shit went down:

Chasity is Back on the Pole: When he brought Chasity back for her last final time in the hot seat, Steve decided he was going to call her out on her bullshit. Oh, and he brought her hot mom on stage to help him. Remember how she said she was done go-go dancing? Not true. And her main goal in life is still to take off her clothes for the cameras of Playboy -- which is why she got herself a new pair of jugs. But after all that's done, she says, she is going to become a child psychologist. Can we please reserve an appointment for our non-existent child with you now?
Relationship Status: Looking to be Hugh Hefner's next girl next door

Christine Gets Inked: You may have noticed the huge piece of art on Christine's arm when she first took the hot seat. Does anything say love like inking your boyfriends name on your arm? Even if it's faux-ink? While the tattoo might be fake, Christine explained that it's symbolic of Frank bringing out "the fun side of her again." Uh, it was hard to keep our dinner down. Yes, they say their love is genuine, but all the girls question it and so do we. We aren't sure why, but listening to them speak sounds faker than Kim K's wedding. And hey, Christine: sweet hooker heels.
Relationship Status: Currently tweeting something cheesy about her Prince Charming

Claudia Finds Love: On episode seven, Miss Claudia decided that because of her underlying mommy issues, she needed to check out of Casa de Love and head home. But when she did, apparently she got it together and found herself a man. All together now: "Awwww!" But what they failed to mention was what he does for a living. Her new boo is a prominent doctor here in South Florida. Can somebody say upgrade?
Relationship Status: Future Real Housewife of Miami

Brigette Is Still Nuts: We have always known Brigette was all kinds of crazy. And lucky for us, she is back in action. On the show, she and Anthony seemed to love one another. But when she got back to New York, he came to visit and things went way downhill. Or at least that was her side of the story. Steve decided to Skype Anthony to get his opinion. She verbally abused him, and he kept his cool. Seemed like a mirror image of what their relationship was probably like.
Relationship Status: Her new boyfriend wears his cap to the side. #douche

Avonte is a Hoe: Yeah, we're going to be the ones to say it, but how do we say this nicely? She is a promiscuous person. And not just because she was dating a married man for almost a decade. It's also because, when she and her show boyfriend didn't work out, she started dating multiple athletes.  Best of luck with that, sweetie. Being single and 40 is totally going to rock.
Relationship Status: Praying Basketball Wives gives her a call

Where's Jane? Other than being called out by Avonte and Leilani for still having a boyfriend when she arrived to boot camp, Jane barely made an appearance at the reunion. And judging from her angry Facebook status, it seems they cut her out of the show completely. So the girl they brought back from season two who wouldn't stop talking got her time slot? Lame, Vh1.
Relationship Status: You tell us.

Leilani Loves George: So, Leilani is still dating George from Miami Social. And that's about it. (Yawn.)
Relationship Status: Currently pitching a new reality show about their long distance love

Michelle Loves Sam: For weeks, we have been trying to get our doctor to fax a prescription for Xanax over to Michelle because she is always so happy. Last night, for the first time ever, she wasn't. That was because the lover she found on the show actually already had a lover, and she found this out once cameras had stopped rolling. She called it quits, but her ex-beau wasn't ready for it to be over. For a truly dramatic ending, Steve brought him back and he asked if they could give it another go. (She said yes.)
Relationship Status: Back to acting like a teen who forgot her ADHD meds

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.