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Tough Love Miami: Knock, Knock, Your Ex Is Here

id anyone catch the preview for Baseball Wives before Tough Love Miami began? Goodness, that show looks great.

Now imagine: you're sitting at home in your reality show mansion and all of a sudden, Knock, Knock. You think, "There must be someone at the door." Oh yes, there sure is: it's your ex and he is ready to spill all your dirty secrets. So far, Steve Ward has done a pretty good job of getting the skeletons out of their closet. But he hasn't been able to crack them all. And who better to do that than someone you used to "love."

The first to arrive was Brigette's ex, who is actually still a good friend of hers. Ok, boring. Then there was Michelle's former boo, a man we swear that we've seen on To Catch a Predator .

A string of former flames followed while Christine paced the house back and forth like she was coming down from an acid trip. She was wondering if he her ex-husband was coming. So were we. Sure enough, he came. So did Jane's ex and current booty call.

Around her ex, Christine is a lot like you when you see run into your used-to-be-beau

at a fancy party and you have to keep your composure. The look of,

I-am-only-smiling-so-if-not-to-loose-my-shit. Yep, that was her. And

the highlight of the entire program was when Jane sat her ex down to

discuss their past.

Before his ass even hit the chair, she informed him,

"Yeah, I am pissed at you." He then told her that she's too

emotional. She then became extremely, extremely emotional.  As the water works open up, Christine's ex asks, "By being the

way you are right now, do you think you get your point across?" Oh,


Anyone recognize George's ex-wife, Sorah? Looks like we have another Miami Social alum on our hands.


Then it was time for group at the end of the evening. And there was a Tough Love first. There was not one, not two, but three different worst's of the week. Brigette, who has gone from crazy to calm, got the best of week. Then came time for the bad and Michelle was first. Steve feels she has been lying about not wanting a bad boy. And I guess meeting her soon-to-be-axe-murderer ex made him realize that. Next came Jane, who got herself there because her idea of solving conflict is crying like an infant and verbally assaulting the other person. And after all the hysterics, her ex still thinks they can make it work.

And who was the third and final hot seat? Christine, of course. The girl was a hot ass mess. When her ex-husband arrived in the beginning, most of their afternoon was spent discussing her love to live in Princessland. And through the evening, she was seen making out with her new beau all the while her ex watched in the distance. Then, the real bomb was dropped: her marriage ended because of infidelity... on her part. How doe she explain her actions?

Well, we got the "To Be Continued" before we could find out.

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