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Tough Love Miami Episode Seven: Got Mommy Issues? Claudia Does

We would like to officially call Steve Ward a groundbreaker. No, we aren't going to follow that statement with a :) or LOL, which if you remember from the texting episode, he hates. We all have girlfriends that have serious dating issues. And what we really mean is that we have that friend that is a little slutty. And while you might think, "Girl has got daddy issues," you're wrong! Well, maybe not. But thanks to Mr. Ward, we realized that it might all come down to a woman your friend spent nine months with: her mother.

This week, the matchmaker asked all his Tough Love Miami ladies to write a letter to their mom. Sounds easy enough, right? Most of us do this every May on Mother's Day. Well, when just explaining the task, at least half of the girls started the water works. But Claudia looked like she was having a full-blown mental breakdown. Actually, we think she was.

The girls did cry when writing and reading their messages to mom, especially Chasity, who is very burdened with the need to tell her mom she wants to be in Playboy. Really? This is her toughest life confession? Nonetheless, Claudia barely got through it. And we do mean barely.


This lead to Steve letting her know that if she needed to go home, she could. Shocking? To say the least.

For their weekly date with their beaus, all the ladies headed out to a nice restaurant as usual. There was only one catch: they all brought their moms. While it was awkward to watch, many of the girls handled it like pros. Jane and Michelle looked like naturals and were dodging mom bullets like they were at war.

Chasity and Leilani, on the other hand, weren't great. Actually, what's the opposite of great? Our mind couldn't get away from, "Why is she describing her go-go dancing outfits so vividly?" and "Really, why are you making yourself look so dumb?"

At group, Jane was given the title of best of the week. That's our Miami girl, so we were weirdly proud. Another highlight was definitley when Chasity called her mom to let her know that eventually, she will take her clothes off for Hugh Hefner. Oh, how touching that was. But none of that mattered because maybe for the first time in reality show history, a castmember went home. Not because of fighting or they missed their spouse, the usual shit.

Claudia announced to her ladies, while Avonte had the second mental breakdown of the night, that she needed to go home. Which, she did. Did Tough Love make us shed a tear? That is not something we are willing to admit at this time.

Before we move on though, we would like to note that we have one complaint about this program. And no, it's not Steve Wards constant mood swings. It's the fact that the producers have serious ADD.

Last week, Christine's love life was the highlight of the show. This week? Other than a few Mom letter tears, she was nowhere to be seen. Does she and the kind of creepy guy fall in love? Dammit it, Vh1. We are hooked on this stupid show and we aren't happy about it.

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