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Tough Love Miami Episode Eight: Liar, Liar.... Jane Is on Fire

Well, we made it. Is it just us or was a week without Tough Love Miami a little hard? Last Sunday, we watched a terrific show called The Wards Get Real and if you happen to catch it, you know they do just that week after week even when the cameras are off.

Last night, Tough Love was back with a vengeance and per usual, Steve got right to

the point. This week, he wanted the ladies and the audience to focus on

secrets and lies. This is something he says breaks up most

relationships. So, he put the girls in a scary van and took them to a

secret location. When they arrived, they found our new favorite game:

Land O' Lies. 


You might be asking yourself, "what exactly is this new amazing game?" Well, Land O' Lies has been devised to determine what constitutes a white lie, and what constitutes a red lie. Sorry, what the eff is a "red lie?" Maybe it's just us, but it is a white lie or it's a big fat regular lie. Wait, is that racist?

According to Steve and his mama JoAnn, apparently dating multiple people at the same time and lying about it isn't a good thing. And if your ex calls and you tell your current boo it was the wrong number, don't worry, apparently that is OK.

Halfway into this game, it turns to Jane. And this is where it gets good. Steve asks Jane if she's ever lied about being sick so she wouldn't have to visit her boyfriend's parents. She has and no, she doesn't think it's a big deal.

The best quote had to be this, "I have lied to my ex about wanting him, just because I'm lonely." We have all been there and drunk dialed that, but that statement alone made Avonte confront Jane on the way back the house. To say Jane lost her shit when she asked if she still had a boyfriend is an understatement. This is where things got good...

When the ladies went out on their weekly dine and dash with their beaus, for the first time all season, many of the ladies got real. Leilani informed George (and vice versa) what went wrong in their last relationship. Not to get cheesy, but we saw them move to a new level. Can we call it now that they are totally still dating?

Then, there is Avonte. Oh, Avonte. If you remember from the first episode, she is on this show because dated a married man for a very, very long time. Because of her former beau, she accepted his religion that he could have more than one wife. Um, can someone say Sister Wives? Her date thinks it is weird, but she too thinks it is weird. In fact, she says she "can't believe it ever happened." Yeah bitch, us either.
When it comes to group, Leilani wins best of the week because she and George finally made out. Christine also was praised for her progress with kind-of-creepy Frank. The fact he is still here after the last dating disaster, where Christine told Frank her entire life story before they even got their drinks, is a f***ig miracle.

Who got the hot seat for the worst of the week? Jane, of course. She got there not because she lied to Arthur, her date for the last few weeks, but because she lied to Steve. Mental note: this pisses him off.  Jane informs Mr. Ward she is just conflicted and confused. He follows this up with, "You haven't done anything wrong except keep the truth from me." Oh yeah, Papa Ward was mad. And per usual, some tears from Jane softened him up.

We have said it once and we will wait it again: if Steve Ward is giving you Tough Love, just start crying. We can imagine it's his one and only vice.

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