Tough Love Miami Episode 5: Samba, Sex, and Such Hot Messes

On Tough Love Miami, the womenn take no time in getting the party started. In the first 30 seconds of last night's show, Steve Ward announces that one of the days challenges is going to be a sexy photo shoot. This can't be too hard when most of your contestants, at one time or another, have modeled.

Well, he forgot to mention that it was on a runway in front of a bunch of dudes and some man at the end of the runway who happens to be taking photos of you. This is Mr. Ward's idea of a "photo shoot." 

The challenge must have been awkward, so we can sympathize, but their outfit choices really  were... awful. Lets see, Claudia went with a fishnet bodysuit that screamed hooker, Christine looked post-funeral and we now know that Brigette and our mom shop at the same store.

But the hottest photo shoot tragedy? Our girl, Jane Castro. Miss Castro threw on what looked to be a sarong around her chest and call it a day. When she walked the runway, she decided it would be a good idea to take off the bathing suit-like cover-up to spice up her photo shoot.

As you can imagine, this didn't go well. Eventually, after sitting on the ground for a couple of minutes struggling to take the top off, Michelle decided to run over and do it for her. Finally, the men watching had something to see, but we can only imagine that even ladies taking each others clothes off didn't get them excited.

We thought maybe that this would be the highlight of the entire show. But how we were wrong. And after weeks of recapping this program, we are glad to say we have been right all along. Brigette is all kinds of crazy. And Sunday evening proved this fact.

Every week, ladies go out on date with possible suitors. Some are all ready matched up with mates they have been seeing for a while, like Leilani and Jane, and Brigette used to be as well. That was until Steve decided it was time for her to meet a new man. So, that is exactly what she did. She also started devouring cocktails and we are pretty sure was blacked out by the end of the night. Oh yes, let us explain.

The entire cast was sitting down at a bar with their men when Steve announces the ladies were to become the entertainment with putting on a little samba performance. It's Miami and this is Vh1 -- ok, we get it. This is where the trouble began for Miss Brig.

She started to chug drinks like a frat boy,  talking about how insecure she is, started ripping her stockings and on the way home, she passed out in the cab. This messiness, or what she called "loosening up," put her blonde ass in the hot seat. Who do we contact so she is permanently put there? Well, she will probably do that to herself.

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