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Tough Love Episode Ten: Bahama Mamas Get on The Love Boat

So, last week's hot seat took not one, but two different Sunday nights to get through. Maybe because there was not one, not two, but three different ladies that did the worst last week. And Miss Christine took the cake as the hottest mess of them all. She not only was making out with her new beau in front of her ex-husband, but her dirty little secret finally came out. Why did her marriage end? Well, she says it lacked passion. We all knew that was bullshit. It was actually because she was creeping around Iowa with another dude. Not such a perfect little beauty queen after all....

There was another Tough Love Miami first this week: he sent them all away on a cruise to the Bahamas. We have said it before, and we'll say it again: We are officially trying out for this show next year. They sit around a mansion, go to bars every night, and on top of it all, they get free vacations? Yes, please. But this wasn't a girls' getaway -- all of their new love interests would be coming too.


A lot of these ladies, like Brigette and Leilani, have been dating their boos since the show began. But then there is Avonte and Michelle, who literally met their dates the night before. You just have to think of that phone call those dates received: "So, you remember that girl you went on one one-hour date with? Good news! You will be leaving for a 48 hour vacation with her tomorrow." Um, awkward much? Shockingly, it wasn't. All of the new dates seemed to be having the best time.

Avonte's man is a tall glass of chocolate milk, and at dinner, they seemed to be really hitting it off. The same goes for Michelle and her new Ken doll-like man as well. She says she is ready to give him her promise ring. That sounds all kind of crazy to us, but this is a dating show after all.

Jane, whose vacation buddy is her ex-turned-next, bickered most of the time, which she says make them who they are. Oh, that's great. It seems her ex is trying to tell her at every turn that he wants to get back together again. And Jane immediately seems to follow any loving moment with, "Bitch, be serious. You used to be terrible. Still doing that shit these days?" As for George and Leilani, she tells him she wants a serious relationship. He follows that up with, "What does that mean?" Um, what do you think it means?

Then there was Brigette. We think she is hanging on to Anthony because she is desperate for some loving. Are we the only ones who think this man is destined to look like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons? Give it up, girl.


The real question is who will be giving out their promise rings next week? And will Jane be gifting it to herself? Oh, this should be good.

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