Touch Boutique Opens with a Stoli-Fueled Style Challenge Party

Miami's local fashion scene has evolved far beyond burgeoning. New boutiques, fashion galleries, and chain retailers are popping up daily (we're looking at you, H&M), designers are setting up shop, and the masses are loving every minute of it. Can you blame us?

Cue: Touch Boutique, the latest in a slew of new stores making waves in the Magic City. Run by financier-turned-fashion maven Cyndi V., you can expect plenty of maxi dresses, pops of color, and on-trend pieces -- and all at affordable prices. "Our client is a trend-seeker, but is budget-conscious," she admits.

To celebrate the opening, Touch is hosting a grand opening party and style challenge, with bites from Moonchine, Stoli cocktails, sweet treats, a bun bar (to learn how to make your hair runway ready), polish changes, and a little friendly competition for the title of "most stylish ensemble." We caught up with Cyndi V. to talk shop.

New Times: What background do you have in fashion?

Cyndi V.: While I don't have formal fashion schooling, I have always been a

student of fashion my entire life. Prior to making the decision to open

Touch Boutique, for several years I would host clothing and accessory

parties. I would help organize wine and cheese parties and sell clothes

to friends and clients from rolling racks of clothing that I would bring

with me.

What inspired you to open Touch Boutique?

The inspiration to open up Touch comes from my eternal love for fashion. Although my background is in finance, fashion is in my soul. As a child I would get caught wearing my mom's 5-inch heels, her purse and with her makeup on my face. When I was in college I would even skip class to go and wait on 5-hour lines for sample sales. My girlfriends would always borrow clothing or ask me for help to style them. I never had a passion for what I studied in school and always knew that one day I would find a way to make fashion my career. I am now grateful for my finance background, as I'm a savvy business owner rather then someone who just opened a store without having any clue what running a business entails.

What kinds of stuff will you be selling?

Touch carries fashionable, affordable and on-trend clothing, jewelry, handbags, shoes, and other accessories like hats, sunglasses, and more. I try to stay ahead of the trend so that clients are wearing what's of-the-moment if not ahead of the fashion curve.

How are you curating what you decide to stock?

I am not only my clients' personal stylist, but their personal shopper as well. I order seasons in advance and keep in mind how often I think my client will wear an item. I closely follow what celebrities are wearing and always know who is wearing what and incorporate similar pieces or styles into my inventory.

I love classic cuts, which are flattering for women. I keep the female figure in mind and realize that not all bodies are the same so I make sure to have something for everyone. In fact, I'm going to start carrying plus sizes soon.

I seek out affordable versions of high-end designers like wrap dresses similar to the iconic DVF dresses. I also search local designers with fresh designs and I study fashion every minute I have to spare. You will constantly see me reading Vogue, Bazzar, InStyle, People Style Watch. I get my inspiration at times from the UK fashion magazines.

What are some of your favorite pieces for sale in the store right now?
We currently have this amazing striped maxi dress perfect for hot Miami days, yet it has a scooped back to give a daytime look a bit of sex appeal.

Mint green is a big color trend this summer, and we have a great pair of mint green skinny jeans. The color is very versatile and allows women to easily achieve another big trend of color blocking.

Another favorite item is the colored skinny belt. We carry them for just $7 and they are the perfect compliment to a plain tee and jeans or can add a pop of color to a dress.

A must-have from Touch Boutique: comfortable, chic tank tops that we carry in a array of colors from neon pink, neon yellow, white, black, to cobalt blue. These tank tops can be paired with casual shorts and t-shirt or a sexy mini for a night out. The best part is the tanks are under $10.

Why the name Touch Boutique?

I have always been the go-to person among friends and family for fashion

and styling advice. I've also styled women for weddings and fashion

events and it has been my "touch" that has made women happy with their look --

hence, Touch Boutique.

Touch Boutique Style Challenge, at Touch, Thursday, June 7, from 7 to 10p.m. 7231 Biscayne Blvd. Call 786-235-8633 or visit the website.

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