Top Ten Head and Face Tattoos at TattooLaPalooza 2013

Everyone should have face and head tattoos. Dentists would finally look cool. Teachers would get more respect. And the president would have no problem intimidating smaller countries.

Give thanks to TattooLaPalooza for showing us the light. There was as much art above the shoulders at the Hyatt this weekend as there is sand on the beach.

Now all we can think about is paying someone to spend hours stabbing needles dipped in ink into our skull. Here are the top ten face and head tattoos we saw.

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10. El Religioso

If Michelangelo had painted the Last Supper on the roof of the Sistine Chapel instead of the ceiling, this is what it might look like.

9. Skull 2 Skull

She's got a beautiful mind. Wait, we can't see her mind. She's got a beautiful head.

8. Tribal Dragon

If he's got kids, they've probably never once lost him at the mall.

7. Porkchop

He's got money on his mind, and if you mess with it, he'll eat your soul.

6. Mahi Mahi

Go dolphins! Robbie Rippol from Melbourne is the artist behind this jumping fish. She's a keeper.

5. Asiatic

If that character translates to photographers are stupid, then, well, hell, we deserve it.

4. Work In Progress

Not sure yet what this is gonna be, but Salvador Dali would be proud.

3. Fossil Head

Dinosaur, skulls, gun, razor blade, and sickle. Note to self: if things get ugly, kick him in the kneecap and run.

2. Whoo

Owls are cool, but beware, they're known to fly off with your heart's ventricles gripped in their sharpened claws.

1. Two Heads

Two heads are better than one. And 13 are better than that. Tattoolapalooza will be back in January. Let's all go get our heads tattooed! See ya there.

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